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ONE THIRD More UK Solar Installations In 2023!

In the UK in 2022 there were 138,000 MCS registered solar installations, this number rose by one third to 183,000 in 2023.

The 'Energy Crisis' and a continued increased in the focus on climate change have lead to significant growth in renewable energy installations as the country begins to take control of their energy bills and their personal sustainability practices.

Solar PV continues to be the most popular renewable technology amongst UK homeowners, in fact solar PV accounts for 83% of the registered renewable installations in 2023!


This rising popularity is fantastic news for the planet, and for the 1.7million households who are now benefiting from this clean renewable energy.


Regrettably, the surge in popularity has also sparked a rise in opportunists resorting to deceitful and unethical strategies in order to take advantage of the situation, resulting in widespread confusion among consumers.

Navigating through the abundance of options to find a trustworthy installer can be challenging. A reliable starting point is the MCS website, which lists all registered installers in the UK. Consumers can use this platform as a foundation for further research into potential installers they wish to engage with.



To You

We are a team of Electrical Engineers, Solar Designers and Solar Installers

We are not a marketing company, a lead generator, or a bot 

Unlike Some Others..

We are not here to mislead you in the hopes of getting your details, we won't promise you a 'Quote In 30 Seconds', because that's not realistic. We won't grab your attention using headlines which imply that your installation could be 'Free Using A Government Grant', because sadly that is not the case for the vast majority of UK households. We will not pass your details onto anyone else, and we will not harass you once we have your details. We will communicate honestly and openly, in your preferred way, at your preferred time. 

More about Government deals on GOV.UK:  


What we figure is this - if you are here it is because you are interested in solar, whether that is just a "I wonder how much that costs?" or if it's more "I'm seriously interested in this and I want to know more about how it can benefit me". If you're in the first category, we are very open about our pricing, you can Create Your Own Estimate             and you can find package examples            Please also feel free to contact us with any questions you have, we're always happy to help.


If you're ready to delve deeper into your options, we will collaborate with you to gather the necessary information for creating a first-draft recommended system design, tailored to your home. From there, we can work on any tweaks together until it meets your exact needs. Reach out using the form below to get started.

Welcome to our
Solar Proposal Enquiry Form

This is our in-depth questionnaire for anyone who is ready for us to compile a no-obligation proposal for installing a solar system on their property.

With this information we can create a full proposal which will give fact based, tailored information on system performance, projected payback period and expected import savings as well as earnings from exports and expected reduction in your carbon footprint. It makes very interesting reading, we promise!

Alternatively you can Create Your Own Estimate

If you'd prefer to contact us with any other queries, you can use our regular contact form                 

If you'd like to continue exploring, you can find pricing and package examples here:

And find information on the installation process here:


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